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Need a machine?


Members of Agrostrojevi Dadić are aware that today’s agriculture requires continuous monitoring of new technology and investments for competitive agricultural production. For this reason, a group of experts (who are also engaged in agricultural production) has established a company that will combine all the services in one that farmers need.

img-displayOur experts will offer you the best option in the shortest possible time and help you decide on the purchase of new and used machinery and agricultural machinery. All new machines come with a warranty, while used machines come with a written warranty and a pre-specified condition – you don’t buy a cat in a bag.

In cooperation with the highest quality suppliers on the market, we are able to offer you a wide range of products, with the aim of developing agriculture in Croatia.

The quality human resources we have at our disposal will help you make the best possible decision. Support from authorized service technicians, trained service technicians, trained mechanics, and trained business and financial advisors will make your selection easier.

We pay great attention to ethical business. We are aware that many individuals, but also larger organizations use the wrong (bad) methods to achieve market success. It’s different with us. We will be able to guarantee you a quality product and service at all times, because we lean towards quality, not quantity.

We approach each client individually and adapt to the specifics of his business. Given that we have knowledge from different market niches, we will be able to objectively and realistically assess your needs, but also opportunities.

In addition to the sale and service of machines, we offer business consulting services in the field of rural development. In this way, we are the first company in Croatia to combine all services in one place. Given the urgency of your situation and deadlines, we choose the simplest possible ways to obtain financing with grants, loans and leasing of financial companies and favorable loans co-financed by the European Union. We select suitable tenders for you, set realistic goals, deadlines and finally the value of the investment.




  • Competitive and quality product
  • Quick action in case of emergency
  • Fair and correct approach to work – high ethics and morality
  • Obtaining the fastest and most favorable financing


  • Bought a combine and attachments, thank you.OPG Labazan Darko
  • Bought a new tractor, thanks.OPG Radić Miroslav


We are not smugglers or resellers!
We will not ask you for amounts you cannot pay, but we will notify you in advance of all possible and current costs.
We will, together with you, come up with the most favorable solution for you. We will turn your idea into a project and realize it.
We don’t work pro bono or for free, because neither will you.
We will charge labor costs for our efforts!


You are a farmer who needs a quality and affordable service that he can and wants to pay for.
You will not ignore our well-intentioned advice.
You want to have the full rights of one client before, during and after the execution of the requested service as well as insight into the development and implementation.
You are not doing business illegally, because that is not how we do business.
You will get exactly what you asked for for your money, transparently and on time. Always. No more, no less.


We will have a drink with you, advise you on things we know and recommend, and you will tell us what you need to be able to provide the highest quality service, tailored to you.
We need information! When creating projects, we cannot and do not want to invent information and data, but only look for the minimum and most necessary for quality work. Just the point!
For us, nothing is just a few sentences or invitations and we don’t do that, but we will do everything with quality and benefits for you and your project. We don’t create miracles in 24 hours, but we do create quality projects. With you and for you.

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