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We are able to offer all our customers a wide range of services – sales, service, spare parts and financing. With an extensive network of our partners, we guarantee you the timely realization and delivery of agreed items.


For a successful sale, the seller must establish a quality first contact with the buyer. The sales department is the first step in a successful collaboration. We offer new and used tractors, combines, agricultural implements and construction machinery. A wide range of products in one place will make the selection easier, and sometimes it can happen that the selection is a bit more difficult, but that is why we are here to help you choose the best possible solution. We take into account the old for the new, and when compensating, we realistically estimate the value of both the new and the used machine.


Our service department has the support of authorized services. We go out on the field from 0 – 24, which is especially important during the sowing and harvesting season. All parts installed by our service have a guaranteed warranty. Original and replacement spare parts are available from the service department. The storage space is located on 100 m2and we order everything we do not have in stock in the shortest possible time. Our service technicians install spare parts from 0 – 24 and you will have the support of experts at any time of the year. All parts installed by our service have a guaranteed warranty.


It often happens that sales do their part of the job and funding stops. For this reason, our financial experts solve the problem of money in the shortest possible time. We prepare and implement projects financed from EU funds for our clients, prepare all documentation and follow you from the beginning to the end of the project. With a partnership approach, professionalism, ethics, experience and knowledge, we bring the items we do for you:

  • we design and develop project ideas (from A to Z) according to the “turnkey” model
  • we set the project strategy for the withdrawal of EU money and negotiate with the competent state authorities
  • preparation of complete project documentation: business plan, investment study, technical – technological projects
  • we are announcing a call for bids and drafting of all prescribed application forms
  • we prepare business plans for crafts, agricultural holdings (family farms) and micro, small and medium enterprises
  • reviewing and improving already prepared projects
  • before applying, we make simulations of scoring in a particular competition (to know if it makes sense to apply and not to waste time and money)
  • we help with the realization of loans for your investment and we prepare complete credit documentation and loan guarantee (HBOR, HAMAG-BICRO)
  • we provide a number of other services related to this area
  • we provide payment in installments, financial and operating leases


  • Financing
  • Old for new
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty
  • Professional service
  • Short deadlines
  • All in one place!

All services in one place


We arrange papers for financial institutions, fast deadlines, professional approach.

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We approve leases and installment payments, offer you quality service and facilitate the purchase process.


Our department will soon find the best machine or attachment tailored to your needs!


Our service technicians are at your disposal for all repairs. You have a warranty on our works.

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